Let’s Make Hollywood a Gun Free Zone

With a sudden outpouring of messages from actors calling for gun control, I feel the need to respond with a dramatic idea….

Let’s make Hollywood a Gun Free Zone…and when I say Hollywood I don’t mean the City in California, I mean the Industry of Hollywood Entertainment…This is a group that makes the most horrifying imagery and embraces violent behavior to the max…and is rolling in the dough.

What’s wrong with this industry? The actors that are asking for gun control all use guns in their movie roles….WTF is this…Can you say Hypocrite? Or are they acting when they are doing these public pleas for support, and not acting in the films?  It makes a person wonder sometimes…

And of course, I’m not saying ban all guns, just the ones that are banned say in New York City with the recently enacted knee jerk legislation.

I guess we should ban the use of magazines bigger than 10 rounds as well …

And absolutely there should be no showing of military weapons in a movie…as they are banned for civilian use…

Hollywood is helping the terrorists by educating and familiarizing the moviegoer with the tools of the trade…Remember, according to our supreme leaders we can’t be trusted to take care of our selves…

Oh, and by the way, the ultra violent video games will have to abide as well…I mean what’s good for us is good for us…right?

So please go sign this petition at whitehouse.gov:


Obama’s Biggest Fan

One thought on “Let’s Make Hollywood a Gun Free Zone

  1. This hot topic showed up at Sundance this year….Sundance 2013: Festival Founder Robert Redford Addresses Sex, Guns and Family Values….The filmmaker questions why Hollywood uses firearms in ads to sell its movies.Addressing the fact that some blame Hollywood and its filmmakers for contributing to the climate of gun violence in America, Redford offered an anecdote……“I think it’s appropriate and overdue to have this dialogue,” he said. “I have a question, though. I was driving in L.A. recently, and I saw two billboards that featured guns prominently. It made me wonder, ‘Does my business think guns will help sell tickets?’ It’s worth asking that question.”Cooper added that one documentary in the festival — Valentine Road, about the 2008 fatal shooting of eighth-grade student Larry King by his classmate — was selected before the Dec. 14 tragedy in Newtown, Conn., giving the film added poignancy.“Newtown and the gun-control dialogue going on will change what the documentary means to people at the festival,” he said. “But for us, a truth is a truth, and it’s about allowing our filmmakers to tell a deeper story.”

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