Obama’s Biggest Fan!

By Moose

Dear Obama Your Eminence,

    I had an epiphany yesterday….

    I realized that you are a supreme hero and deserve my total support!

    Up until then I had been deeply affected by the rampant killing and terrorism committed by my country, especially under your watch with your drones and the military activity and the assassinations and your lying….etc.
   I would wonder, what about the murder the American Military and the CIA..etc perform every day, to protect our “freedom and democracy” and our oil. With the most horrible weapons…

    When Sandy Hook happened, I said to myself, what’s different about children being murdered by Americans in America or children being murdered by Americans in Afghanistan, or Gaza, or Iraq..etc.

    But now man, I get it. I have figured out what you and the people that control you are doing….And wow. you talk about it being a noble cause…I have to hand it to you guys and gals. Implementing the Plan for the New American Century is truly awesomely admirable dude!

    You’re just trying to ensure the United State’s future thru the next threats of Climate change…Population Explosion…Alien invasion..whatever you guys make up,etc.

     Now it all make sense..lets jump on killing every one else on the planet…well, except us, and Israel of course. And, well, maybe a few other areas you deem worthy…

    Because we are the chosen…the blessed, and the wise. We are the only country on the planet that somehow is able, obviously, through our excellent abilities in every single area of existence, smart enough to determine the proper way to live and exist. And dictate it to every other country on the planet. I mean, with being chosen by God and everything, what can we say…

   I got you..we deserve it all.. I mean as the USA…Fuck everyone else…I’m there with you.

   And oh well, yeah, some of us are gonna be murdered too I’m sure, but hey,

   It’s Good for America!


Your Biggest Fan


Just a note…It would have been cool if you could have asked us, (I say us but I mean the people that live here in the US…you know, the citizens…)
Maybe in the maintenance of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness as our primary goals as a country, we could have approached this a little differently….just say-in…

I mean now that you’ve taken us this far…hell, let’s just go for it…

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