Learn to Enjoy Anal Sex

By Moose


I think this is an important thing to master going “Forward”

There are lots of discussions about preppers and people being prepared in case of civic unrest,or an event, real or created. And always there is a listing of necessary skills that should be developed. I have one to add to the list:

Learn to Enjoy Anal Sex

Reason for mastering this new skill:

You want to protest what’s going on around you but are fearful of getting arrested.
Since the threat constantly wielded by law enforcement is the raping that’s going to occur once you get “Inside”, I have found a way to make that a non issue:

Learn to enjoy a loving relationship between a man and a man. Or woman and woman…

And once you have mastered this new ability you can begin to protest with impunity…

Some possible ways to protest:

Stop paying income tax…It takes money for all this propaganda and empire building…Let’s starve the beast…If they put you in prison it will cost them way more than what they are trying to collect.

Don’t own a car…Not a problem after the IRS steals everything from you….and you’re in prison…

Don’t support that Sheriff, Mayor, Politician, etc…..They are lying to you…Only money and power will influence what they do…not what they said they would do,,,or even what is good for the people..NEVER BELIEVE A POLITICIAN!!!!

Don’t watch TV! Probably not an issue in prison..Depends on what your lover wants to do.

Don’t Fly commercially….Again, probably not a problem in prison…And anyway, they will add you to the No-Fly List for sure!

Yeah…I’m Kidding…


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