Nice job, LAPD… Rapid and Promiscuous FAIL!

Via: Guns Save Life

Inquiring minds would certainly like to see the video from the squad car involved where two LA Police officers rapidly and promiscuously opened fire on a pickup truck, thinking they had the far left-wing murderer Christopher Dorner in their sights.

If you or I had opened fire on a pickup truck whose occupants weren’t trying to run us over or shooting at us, we’d be in jail for a long time to come.

While police have a little additional leeway in using deadly force, it would seem this was a grossly inappropriate use of force and not only should the offending officers be charged criminally, but the department owes the victims a new pickup truck and probably a hefty check on top of that for pain and suffering. Ditto for the homeowners of the freshly perforated home “downrange”.

Read more: here

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