Toward Effective Global Influence


Reducing the popular support for violent Islamic movements should be our highest priority in the war on terror. There are millions of Muslims who are neither terrorists nor potential terrorist recruits who
provide critical material support, moral support, publicity, tolerance, and safe haven for violent Islamic groups. Without sufficient support, the movements will die. As long as there is fervent organized Muslim resentment toward the U.S. and the west, the violence will continue.

Unfortunately, the Department of Defense is ill-prepared to win a struggle for public opinion, and the State Department and the intelligence community are not in much better shape. Nevertheless, these massive agencies are gamely shifting their energies toward this end, even as they are plagued by obsessive reversions to what they know and understand: finding and killing bad guys and propaganda campaigns akin to those used in the struggle against Communism.

WTF?  Where do they get these people? Oh yeah, they brainwash them from birth…..

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