Why Don’t We Just Register Criminals Instead of Guns?

By Moose

With all this furor over gun ownership and further restrictions, I have an idea.

Why don’t we just register all criminals instead. A database could be created among the various law enforcement agencies that would encompass all criminals. People that are intending to commit acts of violence would be required, BY LAW, to register before commiting any said acts. I mean, what could be simpler. Probably, most of the laws necessary to make this work are already on the books.

This would ensure, BY LAW, that only good, loving , caring people would have guns..This could be big… Since every war starts over a lie, isn’t that criminal? Isn’t war criminal? This would suddenly make the world a better place for sure!

Ideas for others to be included in the “Criminal Database” :

Members of the House and Senate…etc.
Especially politicians that support war and killing!

The Banksters…

LEO’s and Government officials that have or will violate their oaths to uphold the Constitution and The Peoples Freedoms should be included as well….

Hey, It’s an idea…

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