A Way to Help Everyone in the US … A Tax Holiday

By Moose Feb 11,2013

My idea is to have the Federal Government to declare a hiatus or holiday so to speak, to suspend the payment of Federal and State income taxes. This would really help stimulate the economy as people would instantly have more cash to spend…More jobs would result.

For a lot of people such a plan would dramatically improve their quality of life…

I know you’re asking yourself some questions…

Where is the Government going to get the trillions of dollars it needs to continue to wage war on everyone on the planet, as well as spy on everything we do?

Where will the States get the continued funding to piss away on layers of graft and bureaucracy?

I have the solution..It seems so simple once I came up with it.
(Sort of like my registering all current and future criminals idea to prevent crime).

You merely have the Fed make up the money(debt), like they are doing right this moment with QE 3 or 7 or whatever it is by now. I mean really, they could change everything around…And those TBTF banks that they bailed out that are just sitting on the cash….Have them offer 0 percent interest loans during the “Tax Holiday” as well.

The States also need to accommodate this “Holiday” ..Just have Bernanke just create a few extra trillion to fund the necessary coffers…Again, amazingly simple!

Again, for extra revenue, Lobbyists could just pay their bribes directly to the respective local or national treasuries. Eliminate the middle man, so to speak.

Ooh, another crazy idea..The Fed could require that all US companies hold their cash here…not in the Caymans,etc. And by a certain date…preferably right around the beginning of the “Tax Holiday”!

And in order to be effective, this should be a ten year program…I mean if we sell it like a War on the Bad Economy then we should easily be able to get ten years out of it…We’re good at that…I mean as Americans and everything..

And if we’re gonna “Kick the can down the road”, as the great Krugman says, we may as well launch “The can” with one of those old Saturn Boosters we’ve got laying around…


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