St. Petersburg Mayor Delays Planned Expansion of Red-light Cameras

Via: Tampa Bay Times

By Mark Puente, Times Staff Writer
Friday, February 8, 2013

ST. PETERSBURG — Two months after the City Council thought they voted to add more red-light cameras, Mayor Bill Foster slammed the brakes on the increase.

Foster’s announcement came at a council meeting Thursday after a frequent camera critic pointed out possible problems with the timing of yellow lights at intersections with cameras.

Resident Matt Florell gave council members a report this week that showed that 1,645 drivers might have received improper citations because the yellow lights changed to red quicker than they should have in some intersections.

Foster said he needs more time to examine the program because the cameras are generating so much talk in the community.

“When I am ready I will make a decision,” Foster said. “I’m going to study that a little more and look at those intersections.”

The announcement baffled several council members.

Read more: here

Anything for revenue…Note how there are actually more accidents since they added cameras…

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