Get ‘Em Young: Obama’s Plan for Universal Preschool

Via: Political Outcast

Since the recent State of the Union address, President Obama has been touting his proposal to offer free preschool to everybody.


The White House cites studies that claim all manner of benefits to sticking young children into the zoo early on, including later “success.” And Obama claims one of his main motivations is to close the test score “achievement gap” between poor and rich kids.
It’s evidently never too early to begin class warfare, which leads us into some other issues about this whole notion of preschool.

Preschool is billed as preparation for kindergarten and sold to parents as an opportunity for essential socialization of children.

Experience suggests reality is other than what the public is being sold.
Preparation for kindergarten? Like without intensive studying, children might not be able to grasp the difficult concepts of counting or macaroni art?

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The “Government School” system works so well….Look how dumb everyone is!
 Home school your kids!

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