Heritage Middle School in Lockdown Thursday…

Via: Idaho Press-Tribune

Posted on February 15, 2013

by Nick Groff

MERIDIAN — Heritage Middle School went into lockdown Thursday morning after a report of an armed suspect inside the school. A few hours later, police confirmed that the suspect did not have a weapon, but rather a military-style folding shovel.

The report of an armed individual came in to the Ada County Sheriff’s Office around 9 a.m. The weapon was initially believed to be a type of ax. The lockdown at Heritage, in Joint School District No. 2, and surrounding schools, lasted almost two hours. There were no injuries.

The shovel was brought into the school from a car in the parking lot, by an eighth-grade student at the request of his teacher. Neither are being criminally charged, a press release from the Meridian Police Department confirmed.

Meridian Police did a room-by-room search of the building during the lockdown.

Read more: here 

Unbelievable! A Shovel!

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