Army Deflates LEMV Airship; Cost And Schedule Cited

Via: Inside Defense

Posted: February 13, 2013

The Army’s behemoth hybrid airship — the Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle — has been terminated, according to service and congressional sources.

The LEMV program was canceled last week, an Army official with knowledge of the budget told today.

While the service has not formally notified Capitol Hill, a congressional source was told unofficially of LEMV’s cancellation. The reason likely has to do with the program being behind schedule and over budget, the source told The program has been funded through reprogrammings rather than through the normal budget since its inception, the source added, guessing that the funding “fell out of the fiscal year 2014 budget in order to pay other bills.”

Read more: here

Bummer..Only $356.2 million wasted..Hmmmm…

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