OMG! A Crooked Politician..

Via: Desert Vortex News

January 31, 2013
By: Dean M Gray

City’s Former Finance Director Becomes Former Finance Director for Bankrupt City of San Bernardino

DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CA – After less than a year on the job, the finance director of San Bernadino has called it quits.

Abandoning his high profile job in the city of San Bernardino, Jason Simpson, the soft-spoken former finance director for the city of Desert Hot Springs gave his two-week resignation notice to San Bernardino city officials.

The city is seeking bankruptcy protection and has shed 200 employees from the city payroll since July this year.

A query of city officials in San Bernardino revealed they knew nothing of the pile of controversies in Desert Hot Springs that Simpson left buried behind in 2012 when he suddenly quit Desert Hot Springs by jumping to the San Bernardino job.

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Say it ain’t so…

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