Sleeping Through the Coup

Via: ICH

By Phillip Farruggio

“The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting.”
Milan Kundera

February 16, 2013 “Information Clearing House” – Let’s face it, most of our fellow Americans are just that:


How many out there have been narcotized by this previous installment of the infamous Presidential Horserace?

In 2008 we had the rallying cry of ‘Hope and Change ‘from eight repressive years of the Bush gang. Military spending was at an all time high up to that point. We had false flag invasions and occupations of two sovereign nations. In Iraq alone we had over a dozen permanent military bases. Four thousand of our young soldiers, and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians, were dead. Perhaps two or three times those numbers included the permanent disabilities or slow death caused by our depleted uranium weapons, lack of sustainable drinking water and electricity (for the Iraqis… our guys at least got the very best in accommodations) … you get my drift.

We imprisoned many men and women incommunicado at Gitmo for years with no hearings and no trials. Mr. Obama came in and many out there were ready for some real viable change. It never occurred. Read my lips: We will never fully end our military presence in both Iraq and Afghanistan… and throughout this planet!

Regardless of whether Romney or Obama won the election, the occupations would continue at some level or another. The military industrial sharks will keep getting the bulk of our hard earned tax dollars (from previous columns of mine you should know that over 50 cents of each federal tax dollar collected goes down this wormhole).

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