China Biggest, But Not the Only Country Engaged in Cyberespionage

Via: Computer World

Sensitive U.S. data and technologies are targets for state-sponsored entities around the world

By Jaikumar Vijayan
February 20, 2013 06:00 AM ET

Computerworld – China is by far the most aggressive, but not the only, country attempting the sort of extensive cyberespionage described in security firm Mandiant’s dramatic report, released this week.

Several other countries, most notably Russia, are involved in similar campaigns against U.S. companies from a wide range of industries, security experts said.

Companies in the information technology and communications sectors, as well as those in the marine systems, aerospace, clean technologies, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and agricultural industries have all been targets of such campaigns in recent years, they said.

“We are now in an era where global intelligence regimes within many countries are capable of extracting data and intelligence from across the world with very little effort and almost complete impunity,” said Lawrence Pingree, an analyst with Gartner. “The most important aspect of these developments is that these capabilities can now be targeted and persistent at the individual actor-level with unprecedented precision.”

China has attracted the most effort not only because it has been the most aggressive actor, but also because it is widely perceived as having the most to gain from such campaigns. But the fact is that other countries almost certainly have similar capabilities, Pingree said.

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