Using Netcat To Spawn A Remote Shell

Via: The Tech Cafe

Netcat is one of those old school hacking tools that has been around for what seems like an eternity. Its stable release was made available back in March 20, 1996 and is currently available for download at That being said…I didn’t even get my first real computer until 1999, which was a Compaq Presario. My knowledge of computers and the Internet was nonexistent but I thought it was so amazing that shortly afterwards enrolled in Computer Career Center and never looked back.

Anyway, Netcat is known as the “Swiss-army knife” of the hacker’s toolkit and is currently at #4 on the list of the Top 100 Network Security Tools. Very few other tools have held up as well as Netcat so it’s probably something you might want to spend some time playing with…and by play I mean hack…or hack not…it’s up to you..

So what makes this tools so versatile you ask…and if you didn’t ask it was certainly on your mind..Some of its major features are…

Port scanning with randomization
Hex dump of transmitted\received data
Full DNS forward\reverse checking
Outbound\inbound connections, TCP\UDP, to or from any ports
Client\Server chat

Read more: here

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