National Security in the Digital Age: Review

Via: Cryptome

20 February 2013

Michael Hayden, Ex-CIA and Ex-NSA head, discusses “National Security in the Digital Age” on C-SPAN. Hayden avidly defends use of murderous drones with “we are at war,” and repeats the phrase several times in formulaicly grave tones and glares — the most beloved mantra of militarists. Then declines to affirm or deny CIA has a drone program, “remember, the CIA has never admitted using drones.”

In one of the few admissions of CIA error, Hayden says the agency has become dominated by OSS-like military operations at the expense of its primary intelligence mission, that the military ops were appropriate to 9/11 but now believes CIA should return to its more important role.

He claims that in a state of war things are done that should not be prolonged, that wartime powers given to the natsec agencies should be balanced with other national requirements. In response to an audience question about why only the US has a drone warfare program, he answers that the American people and US allies seem to not understand the US is currently at war.

Hayden laughs and jokes a lot, a peculiar behavior for an avowedly grave topic. His bizarre twisting, jerking, spastic body language indicates roiling contempt of the naive questions being asked and evaded. Hayden exhibits characteristic, Petraeus-like, attributes of a trypical military careerist kiss-upper, kick-downer, a vain double-speaker masking intellectual incapability, condescending of civilians without access to secrets, a grandstanding surrogate hero relishing being at the top, mingling with and succoring global prominents (who will hire ex-natsecs to advise and promote warfare) — job requirements to military pinnacle.

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It’s like a cancer spreading through out my country…

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