Why Do Civilians Need Assault Weapons?

Via: American Thinker

February 12, 2013
By Mark Almonte

The two strongest reasons for civilians to own assault weapons are self-defense and defense against tyranny.

One self-defense situation that comes to mind is the L.A. riots. Who can forget the nightly news’s live footage of thugs hurling rocks at passing cars, buildings on fire, and looters smashing storefront windows? Then there was the savage beating of truck driver Reginald Denny.

What was stunningly absent from the video footage? There were no police or fire personnel.

According to the Los Angeles Times, police were ordered to stay out of the area for three hours. Numerous 911 calls for assault, murder, and fire-bombings went unanswered. But as the violence raged, one group of citizens refused to be victims — the Korean storeowners.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Richard Rhee had a group on the rooftop of his store armed with shotguns and assault rifles. They scared off carloads of rioters by firing shots in the air. Rhee and his group watched a mini-mart a half-block away burn to the ground. “Jay Rhee … and other employees at a mini-mall at Santa Monica and Vermont … fought a back-and-fourth battle with several hundred looters who surged into the parking lot[.]”

Over fifty people died during the riots. Twenty-three homicides remain unsolved. The business owners and the homicide victims relied on the police to respond. For many, the response never came. When there’s no law and order — only chaos — that’s when civilians need assault weapons.

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