Much Ado About Bees

Via: Cry It Out

Posted October 29th, 2009

I don’t know how it worked in your house but here, during the run up to Halloween, we discussed something in the neighborhood of one million costumes.

In the early weeks, it started with things like, “I want to be a griffon.”

OK, fine. I’m pretty sure either Dana or I can make that, we decided.

Then a few hours later Emmeline switched to a dragon.

The next morning, it was robot. Then mermaid. Then hamburger.

“Do you mean like Mayor McCheese?” I asked, but the child only cocked her head quizzically to the side.

“Who’s Mayor McCheese?”

Though exasperating, I took pity on her indecision, having grown up wearing so many masks myself that I could have staged my very own version of Much Ado About Nothing. But isn’t that the magic of Halloween? People think they’re costumes, but I’m pretty sure any psychology 101 student would consider them portals, outward manifestations of both the freakishness and possibility within.

One of my favorite dress up games as a child involved little in the way of costumes but relied heavily on props.

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