Vanishing Point: How to Disappear in America Without a Trace

Via: Penny Pincher Personal Finance.
The article linked above is instructions how to get off the ID  grid and vanish so nobody can find you.

I’ll just link to it rather than copy it – it’s copyrighted material, but the author is OK if you attribute and don’t make money off him.  Someone copied and tried to sell his work as a book apparently.  Since I have a tip jar and ads, I will just link, and thanks to the author Fredric Rice.

It might not be that easy to escape a gummint dragnet as opposed to an abusive ex-spouse, and these instructions may be partly obsolete in this day of facial recognition and other biometrics; but if you think you might become a target for dissident hunters in the future, just save the page to your hard drive or print it out, and keep it in mind.  There are also ways to fool facial recognition: hats with lights on them, face paint, fake beard, balaclava, sunglasses, etc.

The author mentions gold mining as a way to make money without an ID.  I am working on a post of things one can do for a living without an ID.

HEY! (this is an edit) If you want to disappear anytime soon, don’t go to that website except from a public computer.  Also, if you are thinking about committing a crime and then disappearing, you’d best just disappear without doing the crime – the crime will make them look for you harder and it ain’t worth it.  In any case don’t do any internet research about where you want to go from your home or work, or you will lead them right to you.  That’s all for now. 


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