Obama’s ‘Non-Profit’ Sells Political Access

Via: The Patriot Post

An incestuous relationship brews between the mega-wealthy and the White House.

By Arnold Ahlert · February 27, 2013

Last weekend, the New York Times revealed that President Obama’s campaign apparatus, Organizing for Action (OFA), has reinvented itself as a 501c 4 tax-exempt non-profit advocacy group offering access to the president in return for a large donation. “Giving or raising $500,000 or more puts donors on a national advisory board for Mr. Obama’s group and the privilege of attending quarterly meetings with the president, along with other meetings at the White House,” reports the Times.

Furthermore, the OFA’s reincarnation as an IRS-identified social welfare group is nothing less than a cynical attempt to violate the spirit of federal election laws. As the Times notes, OFA’s new status means that “it is not bound by federal contribution limits, laws that bar White House officials from soliciting contributions, or the stringent reporting requirements for campaigns. In their place, the new group will self-regulate.” That self-regulation will ostensibly include releasing the names of the group’s largest donors “every few months,” as a well as a promise not to have administration officials involved in fund-raising — even though those officials may appear at some events.

“The Obama team’s brazen attempt to convert the assets of its political campaign into assets to promote-an political history,” writes Breitbart’s Michael Patrick Leahy. Leahy also contends Obama and OFA are “betting that they’ve cleverly discovered a loophole, one that Republicans will fail to challenge legally.” Robert K. Kelner, a Republican election lawyer agrees, noting that this unprecedented arrangement “presents a rather simple loophole in the otherwise incredibly complex web of government ethics regulations that are intended to insulate government officials from outside influence.”

On Monday, in a rare attempt by the White House press corps to ask challenging questions, Press Secretary Jay Carney was challenged to explain what was going on. As this video reveals Carney did nothing more than read talking points from a prepared statement. “Administration officials routinely interact with outside advocacy organizations, and this has been true in prior administrations, and it is true in this one,” Carney insisted. He further insisted the president was prepared to do several things “to eliminate the corrosive influence of money in Washington.”

Yet Carney was pressed further by Fox News’ Ed Henry. “You’re not denying the point that was reported by the New York Times, that even though (Obama) is for all those reforms, that if you give $500,000 or more to this group, you get access to the president,” he said. “The president is engaged in an effort to pass items on his agenda, and outside organizations that support that agenda…administration officials can meet with them, including the president,” Carney responded. “But the fact of the matter is this is an independent organization supporting an agenda.”

In other words, the answer is yes.

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Let’s buy our way to government! Bunch of crooks they are!

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