How to Turn Your Child into a Lifelong Bookworm

Via: Gimundo

Want your kids to read more books? Here are a few proven ways to help them catch the bookworm bug.

By Gimundo Staff. Posted on February 08 2013
Literacy is one of the most important skills we will ever develop over our lifetimes. Imagine a world where you were not able to read things like warning signs or restaurant menus, or were unable to write a birthday card or letter for a job application. Most small children love books, looking at the pictures and hearing the story, but as they get older they often move away from books and prefer gaming on consoles or kicking a football around at the park. So how do you keep your kids interested in books?
Join the Library

Libraries have changed a lot in recent years and are no longer the stuffy, unwelcoming places that they used to be. Libraries will have a great range of books for children of all ages and are free to join. Take your child regularly and encourage them to take out books on whatever subject interests them. Ask librarians for recommendations and they can point you in the right direction to discover new authors or types of books which your child had not previously considered.

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