FBI Undercover Agent Jack Garcia Recounts Bringing Down Gambino Capo Greg DePalma In "Making Jack Falcone"

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FBI Undercover Agent Jack Garcia Recounts Bringing Down Gambino Capo Greg DePalma In “Making Jack Falcone”


Undercover agents are advised to incorporate a core part of their real personality into their criminal persona in order to keep the true self from getting irretrievably lost in the manufactured role. For Jack Garcia, the Cuban-born FBI agent who infiltrated the Gambino family in 2002 as Jack Falcone in a two-year investigation which resulted in the convictions of capo Greg DePalma and his Westchester County crew, the key piece of his authentic personality which he carried into the undercover work was his good heart.

Jack Garcia chronicled his many undercover experiences over a 26-year career with the Bureau in the 2009 memoir Making Jack Falcone which director Stephen Soderbergh is adapting into a movie starring Benicio Del Toro in the title role. Although Garcia descended as Falcone and other personas into a dark world of wise guys and drug dealers, dirty cops and crooked politicians, and weapons traffickers and currency counterfeiters, he never let go of his fundamental nature as a decent guy which not only kept his ego from fragmenting but also was an effective means in disarming the targets.

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