Why Not Fire Administrators and Teachers Who Suspend Five Year Olds For Imaginary Guns?

Via: Coach is Right

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By Kevin “Coach” Collins

There is a scene in the movie “A Bronx tale” where the father of a young man counsels his son not to attack another young man over a $20.00 debt which has gone unpaid for too long. The father explains this is a small price to discover that someone is not trustworthy. He tells his son to be glad he has been shown how untrustworthy the other man is in this minor matter. “Now you know not to trust him in the future in bigger things,” he says.

This small lesson begs the question: Why would we trust school administrators who cannot tell the difference between an imaginary “weapon” fashioned out of a cupcake and something that is genuinely dangerous?

The stories of idiots suspending second graders for pointing a finger at a playmate and saying, “Bang” were funny the first dozen times we heard them, but not anymore.

“Imagine that, this fool thinks a child chewing a piece of his lunch into what a teacher THINKS looks like a gun actually suspended the kid!” is the type of comment that gets late night comics big laughs.

But what is funny about a person we trust our children’s lives with displaying such a gross lack of discernment and judgment? If these people are not able to understand that schools are not attacked by “savage” six year olds but rather by adults with real weapons not cupcakes, why shouldn’t they be immediately fired and replaced with someone who can make sound judgments?

Who would want a teacher or administrator who is unable to recognize real and present danger to freeze in puzzled inaction at the sight of a genuine gunman marauding through the halls of our children’s schools? Why should we allow these people to keep these positions of high trust? Isn’t it always the schools that proudly proclaim they are “gun free” that seem to be the targets of cowards with guns, real guns not water pistols?

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An interesting idea for sure…

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