I Spot The Sheriff 1.0

Via: Moose

I want to let my readers know about my latest software project.

It is called I Spot The Sheriff TM.

It is an app for your smartphone , (iPhone TM and Android TM only), that lets you see the location of Law Enforcement Personnel. This comes in handy cause you never can find a cop when you need one. And since they have tools that track and identify us, this allows us the citizens, to keep track of them as well. It was a relatively easy task to amass a database of names, addresses, and phone numbers of nearly 1.2 million law enforcement personnel currently employed in the US.. Then, utilizing some phone company services and our database, it allows associating the respective data to the current location of the LEO. Floating the cursor over the star symbol on the map displays the information associated…Photo…Phone number…home address, work history, what kind of donuts they prefer, etc.

Using our own network of drones, we capture, unobtrusively of course, the MAC address of all cell phones within range. Then, we analyze the data, and associate known numbers with their respective information. This is then presented over Google maps to provide real time location display of all Law Enforcement Personnel within the surveyed area.

Cool ..Now if that parking structure seems a little scary, you can see where the nearest cop is…Those black youths look a little suspicious?…I Spot The Sheriff TM. Those white kids are frightening you?…
I Spot The Sheriff TM

Crooked Bankster or Politicians..Never mind….Law Enforcement won’t do anything to them…..

I know…some of you out there,(Law Enforcement Personnel in particular), may feel that criminals might use this software to commit crime in Law Enforcement free zones…..Can’t happen…A Czar will be appointed to select only honest people to use the software…Using the same tools and procedures that guarantee honesty and integrity in law enforcement personnel and politicians and or Goldman Sachs’s employees will ensure no criminals will use I Spot The Sheriff TM nefariously…

Some might say that civilians should not have a tool like this…

Sorry, turnabout is fair play..

It allows us, the citizens, to ensure the same level of attendance, performance, and compliance that any modern large organization currently embraces observing their employees…And since that is what these government officials are…our employees, it is our right to observe their actions.

Features are already being added such as real time video of the “Selected Officer” streamed to the You Tube account of your choice.

Krispy Kreme TM and Dunkin Donuts TM locations will also be shown in real time to allow rapid locating of groups of law enforcement personnel. you know, just in case…

Screen shot of app. All Rights Reserved I Spot The Sheriff TM 2013

This sounds like it is gonna be a winner…Better than AAA if you have a dead battery too…
Plus, if you’re looking for donuts…

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