I Have a Dream..A Nightmare Really..

By Moose

From the war criminal archive…

I had a drone dream the other night…and it made me wonder….

How long before the drones become personalized weapons?

Just think about this… 

Soon, 5 years at the outside, via our drone technology, we will be able to direct activity remotely at targets determined by autonomous recognition..

This will be great for rounding up a generation of war criminals…
Like Kissinger or Tony Blair..or Bush/s or Cheney…

Or banksters, or politicians that don’t fulfill their sworn obligation to uphold the constitution…

There will be a drone out there, waiting, never getting tired, or frustrated, or angry, or depressed, until the “Target” presents itself.. and then there will be no hesitation, no guilt, no remorse…

But you know the Empire will target us, dissenters, patriots, and freedom fighters first..

Maybe the machines will reintroduce morality into the Human experience…
It was just a dream…but it was so real..
It even had the target’s name on it’s nose…
But we should embrace every bit of the drone technology to protect ourselves…just sayin… 
This should be a good reason to pay attention in science class!


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