North Carolina Deputy Rehired Days After Resigning Over Road Rage Incident

Via: Photography is Not a Crime

March 23rd, 2013
By Carlos Miller

The North Carolina deputy who was forced to resign this week after committing an act of road rage that was caught on video was rehired a few days later, proving that the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office was merely trying to appease the media after drafting a lengthy press release.

Craig Culpepper thanked the lord on his Facebook page when he announced the news to his friends and family.

He should also publicly thank the North Charleston Police Department for not citing him, even though they acknowledged he was at fault for the accident he caused when he cut off another driver in his patrol car and slammed on the brakes, forcing that driver to hit him from behind.

After all, police usually frown upon culpable drivers leaving the scene of an accident.

Nevertheless, Culpepper did at least make a public apology for the incident on his Facebook page, which he doesn’t keep private, accepting full blame for the incident, even though he blamed Chad Walton for “baiting” him into acting like asshole.

On Monday the 18th of March; I competed a 40 hour K9 Handlers training course in Edisto Island, South Carolina, while driving home I allowed another person to manage my emotions and I made a very bad decision. While traveling on highway 526 in Charleston South Carolina; I was being tailgated by another driver in a much bigger hurry then I was, and I reacted to his impatience by creating a situation that could have had very serious consequences. I have embarrassed; myself, my family and my fellow law enforcement officers. I apologize to any law enforcement officer’s that feel any repercussions for my actions. As a result of my actions I am no longer a deputy with the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office; this I am very hurt by, I loved my job, the people I worked with and the citizens I worked for; and it drives home the mistake I made. Let me be clear I made a mistake, I own it, it’s mine and I will not try to hide it or cover it up.

The above statement is not something we normally see from cops who screw up, so I’ll give him a few points for that.

But if the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office wanted to be just as honest, they could at least issue another press release explaining its decision to rehire him.

Read more: here 

That’s a good cop…..

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