US Invasion of Iraq, Ten Years On: No Shame

Via: Clashdaily

By Steve Pauwels 23 March 2013

I’d like to think the ranks of constitutional conservatism were immune to the scourge of “trendiness” — but, embracing the biblical concept of man’s fallen nature, I know better. Even “right-wingers” like myself can be susceptible to societal fads.

For a few years, for instance, it’s been au courant in some precincts to claim political conservative bona-fides while trashing the incomparable Rush Limbaugh or Fox News. More common is the growing, “edgy” tendency to own “fiscal restraint” and “small government” convictions while junking traditional “social issues”.

This past week, marking the tenth anniversary of America’s Iraq invasion, another example of flaky conservative vogue rears up: pronouncements that military action against Saddam Hussein was wrong-headed, a squandering of sacred American blood and treasure.

Up my way just days ago, a solidly conservative, pro-military, America-first local radio host bemoaned last decade’s Babylonian violence. Meanwhile, Wednesday’s Yahoo News featured an open letter from Tomas Young, a disillusioned and dying Iraq War vet and subject of Phil Donahue’s 2007 anti-war documentary Body of War. In his missive, the paralyzed 33-year-old curses George W. Bush and — of course — Dick Cheney for “egregious war crimes … plunder and … the murder of thousands of … my fellow veterans.”

Although Young’s accusation was published on the frothily Leftist, I suspect, across America, not a few Republicans, Reaganites, military families, even national security hawks were nodding their heads in quiet approval.

Oooooo, how cutting-edge of them.

Well, count me out of that claque.

Criticism of the manner in which “Operation Iraqi Freedom” was prosecuted (too restrained, overly cautious, excessively fretful about world opinion)? Have at it.

Beefing about the United States’ post-incursion “Nation Building” policy or diplomatic pirouetting? No problem with that, ether.

But the initial decision to take it — with extreme prejudice — to Saddam , his socio-pathic spawn Uday and Qusay and their Republican Guard goons? I’m still, proudly and unapologetically, on board with that one. It was, and remains in hindsight, a sturdily defensible response to a sadistic megalomaniac who hated America and was motivated and positioned to hurt her if given opportunity.

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Wow..can you say brainwashed?..  
This is a problem…all throughout the homeland
Again, this carefully cultivated belief system that says somehow, some way, only Americans can detect or create true freedom and democracy…
And it is our duty to murder to accomplish that goal…
Un. Fricking. Believable……..

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