Academia Is Eating Its Young

Via: Cryptogon

Don’t forget the fraud:

Doubts About Johns Hopkins Research Have Gone Unanswered

Scientific Fraud: ‘Nobody Had Noticed the Whole Thing Was Rotten’

American Society for Microbiology: ‘Has Modern Science Become Dysfunctional?’

Via: Press Button, Go Boink:

It’s a difficult time for anyone in Academia. From teaching, to funding, to publishing, to translating research, to intellectual property, to collaboration, to reproducibility, to jobs, to cheating, to culture: the entire science stack today is a miserable process.

In the past, you could get away with avoiding this reality and still manage to be a productive scientist. It was simply a well-known secret that certain parts of a scientific career were expected to be inefficient. Today however, there is an entire generation of young scientists who are taught to believe that this is just how science works, and it’s doing incredible harm to us all.

The result is that academia eating its young. Over the past year, I’ve met countless brilliant inventors, passionate teachers, and genuinely curious people who care deeply about their area of research. Instead, it’s the politics, the inefficiency, and the in-bred hostility towards change has driven these incredible people out of academia.

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