Letter to the Editor: Don’t Let Corporate Masters Destroy UT

Via: Independent Collegian

By Zachary I. Rasey
Published: Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Our University is in financial trouble and Supreme Commander Scarborough’s nefarious plan to save us from a financial crash is egregious for students. The provost’s budget, which I painstakingly drudged through, labels students as “customers” who need to be “marketable outputs” to the economy. Scarborough, along with Lord Jacobs, has colluded with Wall Street to write the report. In the budget power point, Moody’s Investment Services is quoted several times. That is, our Supreme Commander has used the advice from the very blood sucking corporation that contributed to the financial collapse of 2008 causing a global recession.

I do not have retrograde amnesia. I haven’t forget how our parents lost their mortgages and their retirements — have you forgotten? What will our Lord and masters do to our education and our higher educational system?

If a large, powerful corporation is allowed to inflict the business model view of higher education upon our institution, we will have a dystopic vision on the purpose of education that is skewed toward the advancement of the production of cheap laborers who are incapable of thinking abstractly. Student’s stamped-out, watered-down degrees will be nothing more than technical training for the workforce — not for a more just, equal, collective, peaceful society. After all, higher education’s purpose is: social mobility for the lower economic class, self-awareness, meta-cognition, and creating free-willed citizens capable of the abstract thought processes and reasoning that is required to be an active participant in Democracy and in society.

Now, “Imagine 2017” when the privatizing of our University will continue to keep the poor from reaching higher consciousness and create robotic technocrats incapable of functioning properly in community with other human beings. This will bankrupt us further foisting upon us (the taxpayer or the students) the bill as the administrators abscond with our money and create further inequities. The humanities and arts will be lost in a way that slowly squeezes them out of higher education completely. Combining the traditional liberal arts studies by first integrating them with other more “employment oriented” classes is just a strategy to eliminate them entirely.

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But how will corporations get the right product?

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