Ethicist’s Stunning Challenge: Why Wait Until a Patient Is Dead to Harvest Organs?

Via: The Blaze

Apr. 9, 2013 11:14am Liz Klimas

We’ve seen ethicists discussing the controversial topic of time of death and organ donation before. Now, another ethicist is discussing the “moral insignificance of death” when it comes to organ donation in the latest issue of Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics.

As pointed out by BioEdge, Walter Glannon, a Canada Research Chair in Medical Bioethics and Ethical Theory and professor at the University of Calgary, is among the many ethicists that have begun questioning whether it’s necessary to wait until death before harvesting organs, especially in light of recent shortages.

Read more: here 

Yeah, what could go wrong with this idea…
I used the DARE graphic cuz you don’t want to taint the meat…

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