Fourth Grade Shock: “I Am Willing to Give Up Some of My Constitutional Rights In Order to Be Safe Or More Secure”

Via: SHTFplan

Mac Slavo
April 12th, 2013

Earlier this year when a sixth grade lesson plan asked elementary school students to create a communist flag of America, many parents were outraged.

But don’t think for a second that it stopped there. In fact, the indoctrination of young minds supported by officials like Attorney General Eric Holder, who once suggested we must brainwash the second amendment out of American schoolchildren, continues without respite.

In Jacksonville, Florida, a fourth grade student proves, once again, that progressive leaning educators are actively working to redefine what it means to be an American.

A Florida father is furious today after finding a note written in crayon in his son’s school book bag about his constitutional rights.

Aaron Harvey stated that when he went through his son’s backpack that he found a note written by his son in crayon reading,“I am willing to give up some of my constitutional rights in order to be safer or more secure.”

Harvey reveals that this note was written after his son’s class had recently had a lesson about the U.S. Constitution.

Harvey reveals that he talked to his son about the note, who said his teacher had spoken the sentence out loud and told them to write it down. Harvey said he asked some of his son’s classmates and got a similar answer.

“I am strongly for proper education, for the freedom of thought so you can form your own opinion and have your own free speech in the future… [but] the education is, ‘when was the Constitution drafted, when was it ratified, why did this happen, why did we choose to do this… all these things, why did they particular choose those specific rights to be in our Bill of Rights.’”

Read more: here

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. Benjamin Franklin

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