From: Free Republic

Dear Mr. Airline Executive, (…or an assistant who monitors the web for intel.)

Do you realize that in all the history of commerce no industry has ever been as intrinsically hostile to its customers — the ONLY source for its revenue — as the airline industry? Since you fly deadhead, or in a corp jet, do you know how totally out of touch you are with what we “ordinary people” put up with?

From the 19-inch pitch seats, to the five-hour tarmac holds — after an “on-time” push — to the abuses of the TSA, which you permit, because if you stood up on your hind legs and pressured The Right People you know you could at least improve things, it’s a wonder anyone puts up with it anymore.

I don’t. And this is no small loss to your revenues, because as a frequent business traveler I rode your skies often, and after I retired, we were good for several thousand dollars a year in vacation and pleasure travel.

But it’s no pleasure anymore.

We have essentially given up air travel. Really. We won’t stand to be abused like that. I’ll wager we’re not alone, either. Frankly, I think you have no idea of the scope of todays air travel drop-outs. Together we cost you millions. Apparently, you’re blind to it.

If it’s under 1,000 miles, we’ll drive and take two days to do it. If it’s over 1,000 miles — only for a dire emergency would I go through what you’ve permitted a once enjoyable and elegant experience to become. Other than that, the insults to our dignity and our physical persons are simply more than we will endure.

We mostly simply don’t travel by air at all any more.

I hope somebody over the rank of Third Assistant Deputy Regional Vice-Manager For Fiber Products Supplies reads this, and takes it seriously. But, frankly, I doubt it.

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Man, do I agree with the above….people should just say NO!