Some Thoughts About DIY Transhumanism

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Posted by alizardx on February 5, 2013

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This article is mainly intended to discuss ideas regarding DIY human augmentation (extending human senses, access to information, access to tools, ultimately increasing effective human intelligence, therapeutic devices) beyond the high-risk fashion accessory level, ideas about possible experiments in this area within the scope of available electronic technology for people already thinking about these concepts, and ways to make such experimentation safer for people who want to do this in the real world.

My perspective on this at this point is as an outsider contemplating future hands-on involvement, so what I know is based on online research. I’d like to hear from people who are doing this.

Advocacy is not enough to bring the promises of Transhumanism to fruition. Spinning visions of a future that can not naturally evolve from the techno-capitalist system as we know it today is not enough to persuade people that change is unnecessary because technocapitalism will bring the Miracles of The Future automatically to your doorstep with the invisible fine print saying “if you’re one of the super-rich who can afford it” That’s why they currently fund it.

Programs that include concrete goals and real-world social and political actions and the people willing to carry them out are required to make “better living through bio-enhancement” available in a real future world to the masses. A Transhumanism without real-world action to make it real is a fantasy live-action role-playing game. That’s why Russian Transhumanists are starting a political party. In a parliamentary system as exists in RU, a small party can influence much bigger ones as part of political coalitions. In the US, one would create an advocacy group aka “special interest group” aka “pressure group” for this kind of goal.

Here’s an article from Fast Company about do-it-yourself biohacking, but note that the writer seems to conflate DIY enthusiasts with venture capitalists. Would-be Transhumanists shouldn’t assume that they’ll benefit from the work of the latter. Why share their research when they can sell it to the highest bidder? Accessing the work of academics poses similar problems. Acquiring papers through major academic publishers is expensive and trying to get them for free through one’s connections or from the original author is in my experience, a crapshoot.

Sometimes, a DIYer is going to have to reinvent the wheel. The good news is that sometimes, one can reinvent a better wheel, and the most important thing about a technology if one wants to do this is knowing that it’s possible.

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DIY X-Ray Backscatter Imaging System (Airport Body Scanner)

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Of course if you’re worried about X-rays, why would you want to have one in your home or business, but it’s an interesting project.

I could see using it for a field hospital, to look for broken bones and shrapnel and the like. Or to test various hiding-an-object ideas, from either the standpoint of the hider or the guy looking for stuff.

This guy backwards engineered it from the patent and built one using parts he got on E-bay.

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