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Aussie Cops: Silk Road TOR Anonymity ‘Not Guaranteed’


We monitor Aussie buyers and sellers on Silk Road, says maritime cargo watcher.

Liam Tung (CSO Online (Australia))26 July, 2012 09:42
There is no guarantee of anonymity for Australian buyers and sellers of illicit drugs on the TOR-encrypted e-commerce platform Silk Road, according to the Australian Federal Police and Australian Customers and Border Protection. 
The pair released a joint statement Wednesday pointing to the arrest of one Melbourne man who allegedly imported narcotics via Silk Road. 
“Criminals are attempting to exploit the international mail system through online networks, but the recent arrest demonstrates that we are one step ahead of them,” said AFP Manager Crime Operations Peter Sykora.
Sykora said it was aware Silk Road was operated from an offshore location, but warned Australian users were within the reach of the AFP’s powers. 
The site can only be accessed via TOR, which masks IP address details that could otherwise be stored by an ISP and associated with a user account. Silk Road trade relies on the virtual currency BitCoin for transactions.
Alana Sullivan, acting national of Custom’s cargo and maritime targeting branch, said it monitors Silk Road along with other illicit-drug sites and was aware of the Australian presence on Silk Road as both sellers and buyers. 
“Persons who buy or sell through online market places, on so-called ‘anonymous’ networks should understand that they are not guaranteed anonymity,” said Sullivan.

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There’s A Secret Internet For Drug Dealers, Assassins, And Pedophiles

Via: Business Insider

The average person is only aware of a fraction of the Internet.
There is more content out there than any conventional browser can access. These sites are termed “Deep Web” or “Undernet.” They exist outside the scope of Google, Facebook, and your RSS reader. It’s the digital equivalent of a thriving city that’s been domed over and cordoned off.

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